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Hera Dance is a specialist dance and performers organisation that provides premium artists for events, workshops and master classes in the UK and abroad.

It strives to be the best in the industry by delivering a high class and personalised service to our clients. Hera’s  rich selection of artists include belly dancers, pole artists, Egyptian snake charmers, samba dancers, Burlesque performers, capoeira dancers, angle grinders and a diverse portfolio of fire dancers and spinners.

Hera stands out in the events market by providing an unique service of personalisation of all performances, offering clients an opportunity to help create their show. This personalised service ensures Hera exceeds expectations and delivers exactly what is required to the smallest detail including outfits, dance choreography, timings, sets, themes and song choices.

Hera Dance offers only the best performers and dance instructors in the UK including world champions and international artists specialising in the following services:

Hera Dance

· Premium dance artists for events including themed performances

· Experienced and qualified dance instructors and personal dance instructors

· Corporate team building personalised workshops

· Hen parties tailored packages for Pole art, belly dancing and Burlesque

· Pole art workshops & master classes

· Belly dance workshops & master classes

· Brazilian samba workshops & master classes

· Capoeira workshops